ABOUT AncientLair

Welcome adventurer !

We have spent many days in the tavern planning this for you all to enjoy and we hope that you will continue to support us as you step into the epic dungeon!

At Ancient Lair we love tabletop role playing games (some people say a little too much, I personally don’t see what’s wrong with staying in character while I go shopping or have a trip to the dentist). If you share our enthusiasm for all things tabletop gaming then we might have something right up your street (or deep in your dungeon).

Miniatures and terrain make up a huge part of our gaming experience and no doubt they play a role in many of yours. There is no better feeling when you smash down a giant undead dragon on the table that you have been painting for weeks only to see the players jump with joy, then about 5 minutes later deteriorate into tears as you slowly melt all their flesh off mwuahaha ( I am a nice DM…honest).

Sometimes mishaps occur and the flesh cannot be restored to its former glory, or the party has destroyed evil forever and retreated to their beach resort for some much needed rest. This is where we come in.

We have created a high quality resin display diorama for your beloved miniatures. Whether you like to display your fondest characters or you are an expert painter looking for the perfect backdrop, we hope you like our themed setting inspired by Dungeons & Dragons adventures.

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